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After 20 years of growing our knowledge in transformational projects, there's one thing at Pyxis that we know for sure - sharing our experiences & guiding our customers through their journey produces results. 


Experts in large transformational initiatives in the HealthCare, Insurance and Finance sectors. 


Our consultants consist of Asper School of Business Graduates, Black Belts in Lean Six Sigma, Certifications in Change Management, Business Process Management and Project Management.



We bring like-minded experts together under an associates model where independence is respected and experience is shared.

Our mantra is simple - Deliver Results to Our Clients. 

Our Clients Say

"Carol Lesage is a focused and motivated leader. She makes decisions like a chef cracks eggs; without hesitation and as an ingredient to a recipe I can't wait to try. At the same time, she provides meaningful work to her team, enabling them to act just as decisively and creatively. She understands the power of WE. She is an explorer with her eyes on the horizon but her feet firmly planted. Thank you Carol for trusting me on so many diverse challenges!"

Pyxis Consulting
Winnipeg, Manitoba
P: 204.299.8755

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